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Glycerin Soap

Lincoln's famous glycerin soap

If your skin is sensitive and you can't find any soaps that don't irritate your skin, give our glycerin soap a try. Here at Abesque Variations, we have our own line of glycerin soap that we offer to people all over the world. We are famous for our soap because not only does it work well on the skin, but it smells nice as well! By switching to glycerin soap, you'll definitely see a difference in how healthy and moisturized your skin is. 

All-natural ingredients

One of the major benefits of glycerin soap is that it uses all-natural ingredients and doesn't have synthetic ingredients. This can lessen irritation of sensitive skin since synthetic ingredients can exacerbate previous conditions or cause dormant ones to appear. Glycerin soap is especially good to use if you have eczema or psoriasis since it doesn't cause negative reactions.
Variety of glycerin soap available at the shop in Lincoln

Moisturizing benefits

Because glycerin is believed to be a humectant, it can help retain moisture in your skin, thus lessening skin irritation. It not only attracts moisture to your skin, but keeps it locked in as well. Since it won't dry out your skin, you'll never feel like your skin is tight and flaky. With the retention of moisture, your skin will feel suppler and softer.

Keep your skin healthy

With all the benefits mentioned above about glycerin, you can keep your skin healthy by simply switching to glycerin soap. Moisturizing your skin can help fight against wrinkles, tears, and stretch marks. You can also prevent acne since this type of soap does not clog up your pores. You'll look drastically more radiant and people will definitely notice.

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